a few words about us

Our law firm is small enough to provide personalize service to every client yet large enough to serve the diverse needs of our clients.

We believe that by returning client calls within 24 hours, by listening intently to our clients, and by educating our clients on the legal process, that we ensure every client feels like their legal matter is the most important legal matter before us and not just simply another case for our firm.

Although we zealously advocate on behalf of each client, we are also conscious that some clients may not desire to go through the mental angst of a trial if there are alternatives available.

Our employees are trained in the mediation process and we utilize our skills in the alternative dispute resolution area to educate our clients on alternatives to litigation. We believe when a client has options, it empowers the client to be more involved in the direction their case takes and allows the client to navigate the results of their case rather than leaving the decision squarely in the hands of the courts.

It is our goal to ensure that our clients needs are met from the initial consultation to completion of their matter.

What we offer

Free Consultations


 No Fees if we don’t win for you


Expert Communication so you never feel alone