Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

Do you or someone you love have a  Hip Replacement Implant? Get a Free Consultation from one of our Hip Replacement Attorneys today. You may be eligible for compensation because of a recalled DePuy metal on metal hip implant.

The Johnson & Johnson DePuy Hip Replacement Implant causes dangerous side effects

The DePuy metal on metal hip implant from Johnson & Johnson contained a design flaw that made it difficult for the DePuy ASR implant to be placed correctly in the patient’s body. This caused the DePuy hip replacement implants to have a high rate of incorrect installation making them prone to failure. When a metal on metal hip implant such as the DePuy ASR hip replacement implant is improperly positioned it can cause particles of metal to release and cause inflammation, tissue damage, and loss of bone in the surrounding hip joint.

Complications from a defective DePuy ASR Hip Replacement Implant include

  • Hip Pain
  • Hip Failure
  • Loosening of the DePuy implant
  • Revision surgery to replace the faulty DePuy implant

A recall was issued for the DePuy ASR implant by the company in 2010 because data showed that within 5 years of surgery a substantial percentage of patients needed to have the DePuy ASR implant replaced. If you are among the thousands of patients who received a defective DePuy ASR implant, you should speak with one of our DePuy ASR recall lawsuit lawyers today.

If you or a loved one requires revision surgery to replace a defective DePuy Hip Implant Replacement you could incur considerable medical bills, pain, suffering, loss of work, or more. Even though DePuy has promised to reimburse patients suffering from a faulty DePuy metal on metal hip replacement implant, getting the full compensation you deserve may not be possible without the help of a Hip Replacement Recall Attorney.

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